About Medical Marijuana

For Millions Of Americans, Medical Marijuana Is A Potential Aid In Their Battle With Health Troubles. Medical Marijuana And Products—Such As Pills, Edibles, And Topicals—Contain Numerous Compounds That Interact With The Body To Treat The Symptoms Of Underlying Conditions, And In Certain Cases, The Conditions Themselves. Some Of The Health Benefits Of Medical Cannabis Use Include Reducing Pain And Seizures, Increasing Appetite, And Regulating Mood.

Medical Marijuana Use Has Been Legal In New York State Since 2016. The Law Specifies What Conditions May Be Treated With This Products, Such As Severe Pain, Severe Nausea, Seizures, And Muscle Spasms. Products Can Only Be Sold To Those Who Can Prove They Have Been Prescribed Medical Marijuana By Their Doctor. Due To The Stigma Associated With Marijuana Use, Many Are Reluctant To Try It As A Solution. However, Prescription Medications Carry Much Greater Risks, Including Death From Overdose. Ultimately, You And Your Doctor May Find That Medical Marijuana Is The Safest And Most Effective Form Of Treatment For Your Condition.

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